The Issue with Pricing

 © by Anne Herbert

Now that you have a handle on what price based selling is let’s talk about how to get out of it.

You’ll need to change the way you think to the concept of value based selling.  By injecting value into your offerings and giving your clients an amazing experience before, during, and after the shoot, you can transform the way you do business.  You will also be attracting amazing clients who value your work.  It is known that there is a big difference between what people pay for and what people buy.  They may pay for pictures, but they are buying the experience they have with you.  Understand what customers want in your area.  What is their vision for the finished images?  Take a look at your local competition and make yourself original.  You’ll provide value!  Here are some examples.  Local markets all vary widely so not all of these will make sense for you.

  • Offer a pre-session outfit consultation either by email, phone, or in person included with your session fee.  Not only will you provide value for your client, who may find this task daunting, but you’ll end up with better photos!
  • Offer a complimentary home visit to assist in image placement.  You’ll be able to make sure they aren’t unhappy when they order that 8×12 for a space that should have fit a 16×24, and you’ll increase you’re sales and customer satisfaction at the same time.  You may be able to identify other areas for photos or wall collages that the client would not see without your insight.
  • Offer a frame or other unique product option to differentiate yourself from the typical  offerings in your area.

Changing your pricing can seem scary.  You may even get less business at first, but you’ll be working with people who value you and your work.  You’ll never have to wonder if people are only booking with you because you are so cheap, wondering if they really like someone else’s work more.  Once you give those first new clients an experience with you they will start doing your advertising for you!  You can make the same amount of money doing one session than you could doing three or four priced low.  You’ll either work less and make the same amount or work the same amount and make much more.  Open up your potential.  As newborn, child, and family photographers we work incredibly hard to run our own businesses.  You aren’t ripping people off by charging more.  You are enabling a better customer experience, something that will leave them amazed.  Something they will tell their friends about.

Anne Herbert is a full time newborn and family photographer in Harford County, Maryland.  She also is a wife and stay at home mother to two little girls.  Her passion for photography lives among the brand newness of those first few days of life, holding on to those fleeting moments of childhood, and the magic of family.

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