dinosaur model under construction
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A dinosaur model under construction. Photo © www.jr-photos.com

This is an announcement about the amended Facebook image policy because we have to do something about losing the rights to our images.

If you are not on Facebook you can disregard this post.

Here’s the scoop and forgive me if I am too outspoken. I just read the ASMP and APP warning about the new Facebook image policy that you can find here: http://asmp.org/fb-tos#.UjPeubyhCb

It makes me really mad when leveraging social media means that Facebook can sell your images to THEIR clients while THEY get paid for it.

But here is the kicker…

Not just will you get NOTHING – they can hold you legally responsible for not having obtained model and property releases to do so.

How can you explain to your clients that they can’t share their images without risking their kids to be in an ad for some product of some company beats me. Or how are you going to utilize the power of social media and show your work without losing the rights to it?

I got very upset about this situation and searched and found a solution. I believe that you should know about this.

If you work consumer direct and run a your portrait and wedding photography business in the US or Canada I want you to join the conversation that I am about to have on September 26th.


I hope you can join us.

Your PhotoBizCoach,


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