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This is Part 3 and the final part of my Facebook and Twitter investigation. I do want to get to the bottom of this. Who uses Facebook and Twitter and YouTube successfully?

In this part I am examining branding and New Media. Recently Marco Oonk’s Fast Media Magazine published a video and with a quick blurb about a video that was posted on Adweek’s You Tube channel featuring Cindy Gallop.

Read the article and watch the video by clicking here.

This post relates to our discussion about Facebook and Twitter because Cindy addresses both. In the video she finds nothing new or exciting about Facebook or Twitter It’s not that either one is a magical vehicle but nothing other than an extension of an existing strategy.

Here is the video directly from YouTube’s Adweek channel. [youtube][/youtube]

Warning: Cindy is involved in examining the correlations between Porn and our culture. Some references are not for the faint.


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