Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” ~ Albert Einstein

Now is the time when you should get started on your want-it-all list. I’ve got an exercise to help you with that.

As a reminder, be careful what you ask for … because you might get it.

Make sure you remain positive and ask for things that truly are for your best and that are for the greater good for everyone. Don’t ask for things such as revenge or, even worse, don’t wish an accident or something worse upon anyone. This is about being positive, about accepting, knowing, living, relaxing (you know: KARL™).

If you put a lot of effort into creating your future, then you might as well ask for the right things, so you end up happy. Don’t waste your energy wishing harm on others. Use it to bring good to yourself. Only good things come from good things. When you ask for money, make sure you include fulfillment and happiness as well to round it up. Only wish for things that will help you to become the person you want to be.

Consider the following suggestions when creating your own want-it-all list:

Family, children, motherhood, love, sex, marriage, improving your relationship with someone, getting your marriage back on track, separating, divorcing; partnership, career, primary or advanced education, training on the job, circle of friends, groups, meeting, going out, partying, quality time with friends and family; being happy, feeling content; spirituality, religion; travel, physical fitness; favorite activities such as sailing, going to the beach, going to the museum more often, self-image such as improved self-esteem, love for oneself; losing or gaining weight, overcoming health conditions such as IBS, bulimia, anorexia, anxiety, mental issues, getting off medication; moving out or in or away, new car, selling or buying something you want, putting your kid in a different school, finding a better neighborhood; getting involved in your personal cause or crusade, such as doing the AIDS Walk or the March of Dimes or simply by joining the PTA, doing volunteer work; getting a promotion, finding a new job, launching your own business, getting funding, writing a business plan, writing a book, taking up a new hobby, etc.

How to do this exercise:

Use your journal or a piece of paper. Sit somewhere comfortable, pen in hand, where you are not going to be interrupted. Think about what should be on your want-it-all list. Begin first by just writing down what pops into your head. It might be love, career, money. Or it could be attributes such as being happy, or healthy. Or it could be specific items such as a new car or moving into a bigger house.

I’d love to know what’s on the top of your list. It’s an interesting process of self-discovery, of self-actualization. Tell me what you’ve written – and why. This will be something that we can both use to move forward. Thanks for sharing!

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