The only place where success comes before work is a dictionary. ~Vidal Sassoon

Okay, so how do we go about accepting ourselves, flaws and all, self-doubt and all? Let me give you some assistance by sharing an exercise with you.

Its purpose is to help you examine the areas of your life that you haven’t yet fully accepted. Your goal as you complete this exercise is to consciously identify how you beat yourself up, and target those areas of your life where you might be in need of a bit more self-truth.

Sometimes when we don’t feel on top of things. We beat ourselves over the head, even though, in reality, we may be doing far better than we think. Remember, in this exercise, we only take stake of what is. There is no judgment.

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Exercise Three: Accepting My Life

How to do this exercise:

Take a look at the suggested topics below and make notes where you have not accepted what is in its entirety. Add your personal items to your list.


My list What I accept What I haven’t accepted
Body image
Personality and Personal Traits
Relationships with family
Relationship with friends
Relationship with partner
Financial fitness
Living situation
Education and career


This exercise is designed to help you complete an honest self-evaluation so that you can accept yourself as you are right now.

Now that you’ve gone through the list, what is it that you cannot accept? That is, what on the list is the most troublesome for you? And has this changed? Did you used to have a body image you couldn’t accept, and now you can? Was there a point when you did not accept things about your living situation, or that you did? Let me know – I am deeply interested in your journey. Thanks so much!


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