Where there is no struggle, there is no strength. ~ Oprah Winfrey

The eyes of women I meet, and the meanings of words I hear in the checkout lines at the supermarkets or at airports, tell the story of everyday struggles.

Many times I’ve heard such things as:

“I just want to be happy…”

“I need to lose ten pounds…”

“I am totally broke…”

“I want to be treated with respect…“

“I hate my job…”

“Michael – you stop hitting…”

“It’s as if I don’t exist…”

“I am just so tired…”

“He hasn’t called…”

“No sex…”

“I just want a job where I am appreciated…”

The list goes on and on. I recognize parts of my own journey where I made comments similar to these.

I want to nudge each of you gently. I want to tell you that it’s time to stop worrying about the little things that keep getting in the way of enjoying your current life. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stay focused on the goal ahead – to create the life you want. It just means that there’s a bigger job you need to do now and, with the right mindset, the rest of your stressful everyday life will become far more manageable.

I give a lot of thought to the subject of women’s empowerment. To be sure, we women have available to us enough of what we need. But we should also figure out how to make that work so that we’re happy. The word empowerment is overused, and in a way having it all isn’t about empowerment per se anymore. It’s about how to we take what we have and feel good about it.

There isn’t any single magic formula. My method lets you define “having it all” for yourself. My goal is to help as many of you as possible achieve your dreams. Just as I had to let go of my anxieties and fears and move through them to change, you’ll have to do the same. If you’re willing to change the way you think and act accordingly, I will help you find out how you, too, can achieve your goals and find peace and happiness in the process.

Think about your journey through life, and write down and send to me a list of some of the things that you’ve said, which might echo the phrases in the list above. Where were you in your path when you made such statements, and do you feel the same way now? What does that say about where you’d like to change? Let me know; we can all benefit from your journey. Your path is our path together. Thank you for sharing!

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