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iPad As a Presentation Tool

A few weeks ago I went to an Assouline book launch at their West Hollywood shop. I met photographer Challenge Roddie, a well-known Celebrity and portrait photographer from Los Angeles who has recently relocated to Orange County. He specializes in portraiture and currently works with a number of corporate clients. He gets their media image Web 3.0 ready while providing a unique service that he calls the “Million Dollar Experience.”

He caught my eye because he was working the party with his iPad in hand and promptly showed me his work. I was impressed with the approach and wanted to learn more.  We agreed that he’ll come to hang out with me so that can record an interview for you about this relatively new presentation tool.


What are your thoughts on this? Ready to toss your 11×14 portfolios? Would love to hear what you think of this. I predict it’ll become the standard. Take a look at LiveBooks, they already deliver their online presentation service with an extra bonus, an iPad app.

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