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You Can’t Afford To Miss This!

It seems as if it was just a moment ago that Web 1.0 went to Web 2.0. If you are like me,  you probably understood that will change your business and you dabbled a little in this and that. You made friends on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and perhaps you even reached social media butterfly status?

But, let me ask you this: How much business did you get out of it? Are you converting your time into $$$?

Web 3.0 is knocking on our doors loud and clear. Do you know how you are going to leverage this new technology to build your business? How will this convert into $$$ for your business? Already there is so much information overload and we are bombarded with things we can’t miss, should do and opportunities to seize. But how in the world are we expected to stay on top of all of this?

You’ve heard it before, the only constant in life is change and the internet is no exception. Little did we know that the changes occur in breathtaking speed. In the photography industry we have seen a lot of it on our end and my take is that we haven’t seen the end of it, yet.

So what can you do today to get a handle on this and other contemporary topics and create photographic longevity with new and social media?  On yesterdays call with Jill Lublin I said that you can’t expect to solve your current problems with the same mindset that got you into this mess in the first place. You need to change your mindset. How? The first step is to learn. Learn what you don’t know how to do. Learn it from the top industry experts on June 9th, in Dublin, Ireland at CEPIC’s New Media Conference. CEPIC is the largest stock photography association in the world. And, for the first time they are opening the doors one day early for an event specifically geared toward photographers: The New Media Conference.

My co-moderator, CEO and Founder of Marco Oonk and I sat down yesterday for a few hours to talk about these new opportunities and how we will address them on the discussion panel at the New Media Conference in Dublin. Take a peek, hope you can make it.

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