As a busy professional and entrepreneur, I am sure you can relate to how I’ve been feeling lately. My head is full of so many ideas and things I need to do that I have to schedule absolutely everything! And now that we are on the verge of the holiday season, my to-do lists are growing exponentially.

I call it helicopter brain because everything is swirling around at top speed. But, we always have to take care of business. If you are easily distracted, the one thing you need—focus—is not always easy to find. I know I’m not the only one who feels that life can seem manic at times. We have so much to do to keep our businesses going and take care of our families and ourselves, that it’s close to impossible to focus on just one thing.

Like me, do you suffer from Enterpreneurial ADD? It’s a term I invented to describe why entrepreneurs and busy managers are so easily distracted. To stop the helicopter from taking off, the first steps are to take some deep breaths, step back, and then figure out the “how.” That means focusing on what is most important. Sounds obvious, I know. This isn’t exactly breaking news—but it is easier said than done.

You probably know that in one of my other businesses (yes, besides being a consultant and career coach) I am building a brand and creating a movement called The Women’s Code. The strategies and tools I offer in The Women’s Code make it possible to balance your work life and your family life so you can achieve monumental success.

One of the transformational concepts in my book, Happy Women Happy World, is the time-based tool called ego-RHYTHM®. The core idea of ego-RHYTHM is that everything in our lives comes and goes in phases, each with a different focus. The concept teaches us how to figure out where in your life’s journey you are right now and how that determines what your main focus should for be for the time being. Our helicopter brains take when we find ourselves drifting from that focus and exceeding our limits.

It is easy to forget in the busy day-to-day that we need to stick to our master plan and set achievable priorities so we can avoid burning out. Let’s take a look at some simple tips you can implement right away.

First, what is your main focus? Is it work, health, your relationship, your children, family, money, or something else? If you don’t know, please pay attention to what occupies your thoughts, especially the ones that keep you up at night. Make your main focus your priority. That means all decisions are based on the question: is this helping or hurting my main focus?

Once you identify your true priority at this point in your life, take a look at what it means for your daily routine. When you are clear about what matters most, you can plan your schedule and your tasks to reflect it. If nothing else, at the end of each day you know that you have furthered you goals, even if it just a little.

We always want to keep our lives moving forward. This helps you feel a sense of accomplishment that we need in order to keep our confidence up so that our emotional body doesn’t get bogged down. Sometimes we take big steps and sometimes we take baby steps—and that’s OK, too.

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