Do as I say not as I do. Here are four steps that can help you get past the roadblocks in your life.

One of my passions is to help my clients create the life and business of their dreams.  The plan is simple enough. First we identify what we need and want in our personal lives and career in great detail. The second step is to devise a roadmap. By setting clear objectives we start to put these ideas into effect and little by little, we move forward until we reach our goals. Generally I like to emphasize how vital it is to maintain a healthy work-life balance because affects everything, our health, attitude, family, and our ability to move forward.

Funny how it goes sometimes, as I was working feverishly to implement all these great ideas for my clients and ensured that they are taken care off, a massive 13-day migraine hit me.  As if that wasn’t bad enough one of my own coaching clients inquired if perhaps it was me who was out of balance? She asked: Are you just telling me to find a better balance for my photography business or are you actually doing it yourself? Because if you do, then why are you feeling this way?  Wow, that was spot on. I got busted.

It’s not uncommon for me to focus on the positive, ignore the bad, and to continue to push through rough patches. But this one brought me to my knees. I  overlooked self-care and my own work-life balance that I so readily encourage others to pay attention to.

As with everything – I prefer to see opportunity and teaching points wherever I go. We always have a choice: we either do it or we don’t. Even if we talk about it, or teach it, unless we are not doing it ourselves we are not believable. This is what the big keyword  authenticity refers to  because even if we truly believe it unless we live it we are nothing but pretenders who buy into the latest fad but can’t make it work for ourselves.

When hitting a roadblock, especially if it is head-on collision like in my case, take note that it is a clear indication to stop because something needs changing. By day ten of my migraine, it was clear that I had to examine what I was doing that caused my head feeling like it was exploding. I literally couldn’t think straight and things came to a screeching halt. I had to just “be.” As much as I can’t stand it when outside circumstances stop my inner energizer bunny, the message was loud and clear. I had to slow down and listen inward.

If you are facing a roadblock right now (and you know if you do), is the underlying issue clear?  Try to remove yourself as much as you can and look at the situation from the outside. Examine it from all angles. What would you say to your friend if this was happening to him or her? What is the message is this? What are you not paying attention to?

Step 1. Get past the roadblock

The first step is to figure out what needs to be done to get you past the roadblock.  What lifestyle change or career move is required?  In my case, I had to change my physical exercise routine, pay more attention to my posture when I sit at my desk, stand and walk, and I stopped working at my computer after a certain number of hours.  I also discovered how essential the right office ergonomics are.  For the basics, here’s a helpful short video

Step 2.  Enlist help

When self-evaluation doesn’t get you over the hump, get help. Sometimes we can’t figure these things out alone, and perhaps it’s time to think outside of your comfort zone.  Unless you change something you can’t expect different results from your existing issue.  I ended up going to a migraine specialist and started a weekly Pilates class to boost my core strength. Now I work with a strength trainer to really improve my posture. Who should you hire, or work with?

Step 3.  Let it go

Get rid of things that suck up your time and don’t work.  What are you holding onto that doesn’t create a good or positive outcome?  Is there something in your personal life or business that causes more problems and distractions than it’s worth? What would it take for you to let that go?

Step 4.  Just Be

Life is not always about doing and pushing. It’s also about being still and listening.  Unless we take time to listen, how can we receive the information? Fighting is good when a fight is what’s needed, but sometimes we just have to be still so we can hear. To me that is very difficult and the hardest thing I have ever come across! Remember that you are not alone. We are all in the same  boat trying to figure out where we belong, how to find or keep the one to love us, and how to build a business that supports us.

How about you give yourself a much needed break today and get away from your computer right now? Just ‘be’ for the rest of today.

If you have tips how to implement a healthy work-life balance please share them. I always enjoy reading your comments.


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