Clear, concise and a must have book for entry level & intermediate photographers and the enthusiastic amateur

As a professional photography business coach I see quite a few photography books. For this blog I like to review books and other items that I deem helpful for running a photography business, preferably without the fluff and fuzz.

Digital Photography by Henry Horenstein is a fabulous book, great tool, and reference manual, and here is why. In easy to understand language Horenstein takes the reader through the basics. Hence the subtitle “A Basic Manual.” From tips about what camera to buy (which I personally thought helpful as I am getting one entry level one for my niece), to explaining the common settings on point-and-shot cameras, to the different type of lenses, lighting tips, and image storage as well as workflow for photographers – he covered it all.

What I like is the conversational tone, the information is presented straight forward in an uncomplicated way. Even if this is the very first time you hear this you will feel well informed after reviewing his information. There are many visuals and examples throughout the book that will make the examples even easier to understand.

Even if you are the aspiring amateur want to go pro – this is for you. Just in case you forgot one or the other about how to use your flash, or how to set the light, or don’t know how you should store your images – get the book and read it cover to cover.

Loved it and am recommending it.

What are your favorite books, feel free to share.

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