With your want-it-all list, you want to be specific. You also want to be open, that is, grateful for what you have – even as you seek to grow.

My friend Brandee puts a lot of detail into her want-it-all list as it pertains to her future husband (you may recall she wants a super-rich, super-successful, super-focused man in her life). Her preferred method of detailing what she looks for on her list is to focus on the primary qualities she wants first and then, at the end, envision the physical attributes of her ideal mate.

Brandee also uses a variety of tools to help her. She keeps a notebook in which she writes everything she’s looking for. She has a gratitude list for her future husband and already thanks him for all the things that he’s done for her. She also utilizes, as I mentioned, not one, but two vision boards (a visual and verbal collage of her dreams and aspirations).

Every day, Brandee writes several “I am” statements in a journal, as if she already had achieved everything she wants. Brandee believes firmly that she must envision things with feeling, that she feel each and every emotion to its fullest in order to be certain that each one is hers to have. Brandee told me with great certainty: “He’s here. I know he’s here. I know he’s close. The universe conspires to help you achieve your goals. And so, it’s just a matter of time. So, I know he’s close.

If you’d like to follow Brandee’s example, try this:

My husband and perfect romantic partner is:

Loving, dependable, romantic, positive, spiritual, assuring, charming, sincere, reliable, humble, generous, long eyelashes, 6’1″ or taller, ideally 6’4″, European or Southern accent, sophisticated, chivalrous, stands when I enter the room, opens the door for me always, is polite, friendly, has fabulous personality, is affectionate, huggable, lovable, has his own jet, is thrilled to be with me, is intelligent, supportive, a great communicator, down to earth, comforting, surprises me with gifts, is my best friend, is honest, confident, has a great smile, desires lots of travel, is attentive, calm, an awesome lover, is successful, leaves nice lips, loves me romantically, is generous with me, is upbeat, well dressed, a gentleman, is emotionally available, surprises me with trips, is faithful, adores me immediately, is gentle, loyal, understanding, funny, clean-shaven, easygoing, kind, strong enough to pick me up, is drug/drink/smoke-free.

There. That’s dreaming big, isn’t it? But that’s what having a list is for.

Now, do this little exercise for me. Describe your ideal something or other – friend, lover, house, job. Let me know what you think – and don’t be embarrassed to want it all. This is an exercise is letting go, and wishing for the moon. You can have it all – and I want to help you. So share with me!

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