Here, we’re going to look briefly at several ego-RHYTHM phases. In subsequent posts, we’ll look more fully at a few others. (Not all of them have luminaries who can explain them – they’re pretty self-evident.)

Here goes.


You’re in the Me rhythm when it’s all about what you want; the redefinition of who you are. The Me rhythm is most likely to occur in an individual’s later years, when kids are leaving, or have left, and the rhythms are no longer as clearly defined. This is the beginning of when life balances and more than one main event takes place.


The “Mom” rhythm encompasses having or adopting a new baby, especially the first three years of the baby’s life. During this rhythm, your sense of self changes until the new definition of you as a mother emerges.

Family and Friends

You’re in the “Family and Friends” rhythm when your home life, your own family, or taking care of or being with and around parents and siblings is your primary focus. You might also be focused on being social, and being “out and about.”

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You’re in a “Zen” rhythm when you need to find God or a spiritual connection with the divine. The “Zen” rhythm is often a personal journey inward, in an effort to find meaning and inner peace, often through being quiet and seeking solitude. A sabbatical falls into this category.


Divorce, a new job, getting fired, etc., all indicate that you are in the “Transition” rhythm. When something ends, but something new hasn’t quite started, the in-between phase becomes a sort of life transition. During the “Transition” rhythm, you might focus on trying different things until you click into the next gear.

Bad Luck or Tragedy

This is the time when nothing goes right, and a lot of bad things happen in succession. When someone dies, someone close to you becomes seriously ill, or something big happens that is unexpected, and unwelcome, you know you’re in the “Bad Luck or Tragedy” rhythm. Often this period comes just before a major breakthrough and is your ultimate test how badly you want what you asked for.

Do any of these rhythms apply to you right now? Let me know – we’re next going to move on to other ego-RHYTHM™ cycles, which we’ll explore in much greater detail. Thanks for sharing with me!


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