David Morel Wins Lawsuit Against Getty and AFP

In case you have missed this huge case, the verdict is out. The courts awarded Daniel Morel the maximum allowed of $1.2M in damages in the lawsuit against AFP and Getty Images.

I am very excited about this landmark ruling because with a ruling like this signed, sealed, and delivered – I am absolutely certain that there will be many more cases to come forward. And frankly, it was about time.

Special nod goes to attorney Joe Baio who made it happen. Most likely we can expect Getty Images to want to appeal the verdict. But, as there is so much bad blood and rage against them and their bullying tacticts in our community they might be better advised to just let this one go and pay up.

Here are a two articles worth reading:



Tell me, just how happy you are about this because this Photography Business Coach is doing a happy dance.



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