When you create, you might as well think big — it takes the same effort.” ~ Beate Chelette

Here is where we put the magic back into your life.

Let’s begin by finding out what it is that you’ve always wanted. This is the best part — and really should be the easiest. For many people, however, this will be the most difficult thing they do on their journey. That’s because it’s time to create something.

You need to put quite a bit of thought into this process as you compile your personal ”Want-It-All” list. Without exception, you must start here. We’ve already talked a bit about some of the tools you’ll be using, but this, right now, is the true starting point for your new life.

Unless you know what “it” is, what it feels like, looks like, and acts like, you can’t invite the various items on your “want-it-all” list into your life. Your want-it-all list will also act as your own personal goal-setting tool. It’s your current plan for the life you want to live. Some of your items are going to be short-term goals and others will be long-term goals. Some are must-have’s and others are negotiable preferences. Some are detailed and some are broad strokes.

In our next couple of posts, we’ll examine ideas from different women that will give you ideas how you can create what you want. For the time being, we’ll only touch on some of these tools and ideas.

When you come up with your list, be specific. For instance, “I want a husband” may sound specific, but it’s actually pretty broad. What does this husband look like? How tall is he? What are his attributes? What are the character traits your perfect mate must have? Are you looking for humor, generosity, emotional maturity, or would you settle simply for financial security?

If you say, “I want a house,” think about its particulars. Does that house have a garden? Is it a ranch or a Cape Cod? Where in town is your house located?

If you say, I want to finish my undergraduate degree, what more is there? What college? What major?

If you say, “I want a career” and “I want a family,” then what does that mean? Is your career your primary goal, or is having a family your primary goal?

Speak up, think big.

Tell me what you used to think about in your life – did you have dreams of what you’d become as an adult? Did you fulfill those, or have you put them aside? Have other, different dreams taken their place? It would be interesting to see how you’ve changed, or whether your priorities have shifted. Let me know – I’d love to hear about where you were, and where you’re going. We’re in this together. Thanks so much for sharing!

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