It will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses, we must plant more roses.” ~ George Eliot

Gabrielle, a peak-performance coach who shares with us some of the manifestation tools she uses with her clients, herself employs a simple trick to avoid limitations in attracting great things.

Gabrielle calls her method the “ideal scene.” She utilizes the “I” language, which we’ve already learned about, to manifest her wants — but she purposely leaves enough space in her wants to allow magic to take place. “There’s always something better,” Gabrielle says, “so I often just put out what I want, and I trust that it can be better than that or it may come in a different form. This way I allow the spontaneous opportunities to present themselves.”

If you’re not sure if it’s better to be detailed or to leave room for improvements on your want-it-all lists begin by adding a note, “This, or something better.”

I’ve found that many women who have a strong belief in God seem to have great trust that what will come to them is the right thing. If you are among this kind of woman, then you might be very comfortable with knowing (here’s KARL™ again!) that you’ll manifest exactly what is right for you. Sometimes a list comprised of broad strokes is better than a list that is detailed and specific.

For women who don’t feel that their past choices have always served them well, I suggest adding as much detail as possible to their list. For example, if you have a history of picking the wrong partner, take this experience as an opportunity to give who your ideal partner should be a lot of thought so you can invite better things to come. The rule of thumb should be that if your direction is not clear, add as much detail as possible.

Here’s Gabrielle’s personal example of her ideal career and finances scenario (all in her “I am” voice):

I am:

  • Enjoying the comforts of earning over $ ______ a year
  • Thrilled with my work environment, and I get along wonderfully with my employees, customers, and vendors
  • Absolutely loving going to work each day
  • Establishing a wonderful, life-enhancing career for myself
  • Thriving in my career, and making more money each and every day
  • Happily purchasing all the luxuries I desire
  • Eagerly paying for my Ideal lifestyle
  • Learning new work-related concepts quickly and accurately
  • Consistently saving money each month
  • Empowering my employees and being an inspiring leader
  • Relishing in the satisfaction my career gives me
  • Living with an “Abundance Mentality”
  • Effortlessly selling my products and services to those I encounter
  • Enthusiastically coming to work each day
  • Believing in the power of my being, and I am confident with my performance
  • Gratefully sharing my products with others
  • Effortlessly meeting people in the community, and I am becoming very well-known in the industry
  • Having a fantastic time doing what I love
  • Financially free!

Now, do you have a list you can write up about your ideal career and finances scenario? Something to work toward (and believe me, it may all come true!). I’d love to hear about your aspirations, your dreams – your future wishes. Your path is our path together – thanks so much for sharing!


Image by Michael Albany Photography

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