Bestselling author and motivational coach Lisa Steadman continues her discussion of how she found her love ego-RHYTHM™.

Somewhere between leaving a job I no longer loved, moving out of a condo I no longer coveted, and recreating my own rule book for living, I fell in love with my life. And guess what else happened?

I met somebody

And not just anybody.

I met the love of my life.

Today, I am happily married, blissfully in love with my life as a bestselling author, relationship expert, and lifestyle coach, and passionate about sharing my journey in hopes of inspiring others to transform their lives.

Here’s what I know for sure.

If real and lasting love had shown up when I initially wanted it to — when all my friends were marrying and settling down, when I was living the corporate cubicle life — it would look very different from the love I have today.

It would be defined by 9-to-5 rules. It would be boxed in by two weeks of paid vacation. It would be more ordinary than the love I now know. And it would never in a million years have been big enough or flexible enough to allow the extraordinary shape-shifting I’ve undergone in the last several years.

While that would have been all right, it would not be spectacular. The love I have now — the life I have now — is spectacular and includes international travel (for months, not weeks), ongoing philanthropy, and the most extraordinary day to day adventures with my perfect partner.

Had I stayed in that life that no longer worked for me, this spectacular love would not have found me. My husband never would have given me a second glance. We never would have hit it off, and he most definitely would never have asked for my number because the woman I was before – the proud, structured, corporate-minded woman — wouldn’t have spoken the same easygoing, passionate, expressive language as the woman he met during my transformation.

Often when we’re looking for love and not finding it, it’s not because we’re unworthy. It’s because we have other work to do. It’s because there are extraordinary adventures awaiting us, and until we take our leap into the vast and exciting unknown, we’re not yet ready for the love we’re truly meant for.

If you’re avoiding your journey because it’s scary, unknown and uncertain, I get it. I’ve been there. As someone who’s taken the leap and not only soared, but found her way to safe ground on the other side, I tell you this: When that small voice inside tells you your truth, when she grows increasingly louder and more insistent, it’s up to you to honor her. It’s up to you to dig deep, summon your inner strength, and take your bold leap into the unknown.

What awaits you is this — spectacular, extraordinary, magnificent adventure. And yes, love. Love that’s bigger, bolder and more blissful than you can imagine! Honestly, I can’t imagine a life without the love I now know. The love my husband and I share is humbling, effortless and ever-flowing. It was worth the risk, and yours will be, too.

All you have to do now is tune in, listen intently, and wait for further instructions.


Image by Michael Albany Photography

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