As you may have noticed from our discussion in my last post, the experiences of college life can have different meanings for everyone and fall into three entirely different ego-RHYTHMs™, depending on the focus of the experience and the outcomes of the events that happen during those crucial years.

While I personally prefer not to judge any category with the particular focus of being “negative,” I don’t think anyone would consider the rhythm of Tragedy and Bad Luck to be a pleasant experience or would want to add it to their want-it-all list. Therefore, instead of calling these ego-RHYTHM™ categories entirely negative, I prefer to consider such life events “unavoidable” ego-RHYTHMs™.

There are a few rhythms that I consider “neutral.” These ego-RHYTHMs™ can be interpreted as positive or negative depending on your point of view. Ego-RHYTHM™ is a gentle concept and there is no judgment of what any one category should be. If there are any ego-RHYTHMs™ that could be considered neutral, these are the three:

  • Transition
  • Health
  • Me

There is no obvious benefit in declaring an ego-RHYTHM™ as positive, negative or neutral. I am giving you some “pre-labeled” groupings so you can see that if you were to analyze them, there would be many positive ones, some neutral ones and only two that could be considered negative. I want to remind you that a lot of really good and positive things are going on in our lives, and I don’t want you to focus on the bad things only.

Noting how each ego-RHYTHM™ can be viewed in various ways can help you keep a positive focus even if you are currently in a rhythm that has a “negative” connotation. Looking at ego-RHYTHMs™ in terms of positive, negative, or neutral can help you see that the “negative” rhythms are in the minority compared to all the ”positive” ones that you can actively attract.

Think back on your life, and try to weigh various ego-RHYTHMs™ against each other. Does your impromptu list include more positive ones than negative? Let me know – I’d love to hear about your progress. Thanks so much for sharing.


Image by Michael Albany Photography


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