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Whose Making What?

One of the major issues in our industry is the question – how big is it? Rumored for at least a decade to be around $2 Billion, the truth is, nobody knows. Since Getty went private we lost access to some very important industry numbers and with Alamy’s announcement that they are will no longer disclose their sales figures, it’s back to the ice age for us.


Jim Pickerell has been writing the Selling Stock newsletter for quite some time and he loves numbers. Once he gets his data he tosses and turns them ever which way.  Over the last years I’ve been paying close attention when he does it. But, because it is so hard to get people to do anything at all sometimes, Jim has to continue to ask and cajole businesses and photographers in the stock photography industry to participate in his surveys and so he can get some data. Because I understand the value of numbers,  I decided that I’ll help him on this one.


Because we need numbers to make comparisons and to see and evaluate what industry trends are moving toward. We need sales figures, gross sales, net licensing fees, percentages and business models so we can evaluate where we might be going. This information is invaluable for you as a photography business owner and a future business plan. If numbers don’t support what you think might be going on – you need to make adjustments. And, you want to see how you are doing in comparison with everyone else.

Because I am a sucker for numbers, too I am asking you to do this. If you have a camera and are a part-time or full time photographer please, please, please click here to participate in this survey. Again, I am asking you to please participate in this five minute survey. With Jim’s permission (see below) please spread the word and get as many stock photographers involved as possible. You will be having access to these numbers in July.

Here is Jim’s intro:

This survey of photographer’s income is being conducted by Jim Pickerell, editor of in an effort to determine general income trends for photographers in the last couple of years. We encourage photographers, worldwide, who have had any earnings in the last two years from licensing rights to their images to answer this brief questionnaire. Please answer regardless of whether the income comes from stock photo licensing or assignments work. One question will enable us to distinguish between the income from stock and from other sources.

The questions should take less than five minutes to answer. The results will be available in early July at There will be no charge to see the answers and read the analysis. The results should help you understand how your photographic business relates to that of others in similar circumstances.

Again: Please click here to participate in this survey.

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