This morning I found out that The Color Run and Maxwell Jackson have reached a mutually beneficial settlement.

Case closed. Bravo to Travis and Max for putting their differences aside and coming to an agreement quickly. As someone who’s been in a lawsuit – just know that it is not a great experience, and it is the most toxic, and time consuming thing you’ll ever do. You must, you MUST avoid it at all cost.

My previous call to boycott The Color Run and it’s global 5K run events is therefore revoked. My goal was to have The Color Run drop the suit and compensate Max. This has been achieved. They are happy – so am I. Go run a happy 5K marathon!

Update from The Color Run this afternoon:

There is no doubt in my mind that without this awesome tribe and the massive social network pressure on both this would have not been resolved so quickly.

What we learn is this:

  • We all make mistakes. In business, in our personal judgment, and in what we think is right and fair.
  • Both parties are at fault. The solution is always in the middle.
  • Before a photographer makes a demand in an infringement case please consult an industry professional, or an established lawyer (with photography industry experience) who understands pricing who can advise you what to ask for. This will be the best money ever invested.
  • When a goal is achieved (pay Max, drop suit, shake hands) we put this behind us quickly like a professional would. No bad feelings.
  • Our industry is filled with opinionated people who can move mountains if inspired to do so. Imagine what else we can do.
  • We stick up for each other.

Again thank you for doing your part in assisting both parties to realize that a quick settlement is the smartest ting.

And thank you to everyone who followed a professional code of conduct and stuck to their opinion without using profanities or bad language.

Thank you again,


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