This is the second entry pertaining to my trip to Bellevue, WA. After I spoke at the event I had the opportunity to talk to John Harrington, the founder and owner of JVH Technical, Inc. What blew my mind is when John told me that their business model is based on extraordinary customer service. He told me that he doesn’t run specials and gives discounts but that his clientele gladly pays list prices. Why?

Because his company policy is create exceptional value for his customers. You don’t just buy a large format digital printer – you invest in a product that helps you to make a better income and JVH Tech makes sure that what they promise is delivered. Literally delivered and in many cases set up. They assist you with making sure that the equipment is properly installed, calibrated and runs at it’s very best. Because their service is so outstanding they demonstrated what the add on value is and that makes them the #1 seller of large format digital printers in their territory. I am not easily impressed, but this certainly did it for me.

How can you add so much value to your offer that your clients gladly pay full prices? Please share your best and most successful experience.

Meet John in this short video below. Sorry about the background noise, I take my videos very Guerilla style.


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