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Catchy title, isn’t it?

In the Internet world of too much of this and too much of that I thought I just put it out there. It is what it is. Millions of web pages, blogs, special limited-time offers and deals – business is moving more and more to the Internet. More buying decisions are made on the Internet than ever before. At the same time strategic and meaningful relationships are on the rise. Multiple businesses at various competency levels compete to grab a portion of existing and new markets. Even artistic professions such as photography are not exempt from this. It is scary to find your way through the maze and figure out who is a scam and who actually can help you.

After the brick-and-mortar business  (an American term for a business with a physical location) that I build and sold I have invested a lot of time and money in figuring out where Entrepreneurs are making money. Not surprising it is on the internet. Needless to say, so am I now.

I used to be one of these people that looked at a website and immediately had something to say. Terrible design, geez this person is yelling at me and what ridiculous marketing and I criticized everything that I thought was wrong with what “they” did. That was until I met some of “them”. Funny, how I got real quiet when I heard the kind of numbers these guys make.

Here is my next though – it’s all a scam, leave me alone. How good can these products and services be? That is until I went to my first conference. I repented and signed up with marketing guru James Malinchak. And then something funny happened. I met a lot of people like me, with the same problems in their respective businesses. They had the same obstacles to overcome and I got to meet and listen to some incredible business owners with growth numbers that leave you shaking in your boots.

I learned more about their businesses. So when my daughter applied for college and I was faced with filling out financial forms galore on top of the college applications I turned to one of my mastermind colleagues Brian from He blew me away during our two day closed door mastermind session. Having been in ‘this space’ for way longer than I am he gave me plenty of ideas and tips that I am implementing.  Now I don’t think everything’s a scam anymore.  Or what about that stop smoking program from Don? I ordered that CD where he yells (for me) at my friend who just can’t seem to kick the habit. I certainly don’t want to do it.

My attitude is different now. I pay more attention and if I come across someone who offers a shortcut or can provide a simple solution for one of my issues I invest in the program. Why? Because I KNOW them now and I TRUST them.

OK, but what does this have to do with you? You know (or are about to find out) that I facilitate a free call every month. Usually on the second Tuesday of each month. The format of my free calls is simple: I give important information away and there is a pitch at the end. Let’s be real – love and giving things away for free gives me fussy feelings inside but at the end I do run a business, just as you are.

I am like you, what I do is not right for everyone. Ever so often I have someone who doesn’t get anything out of the Silver Membership calls like this one photographer. He says they are too long. Or another who said that the “From Flash To Cash System” is not what he thought and he might return it.

But then there are those photography industry professionals who are just out of control – in the best possible way. During today’s and tomorrows coaching calls with my private clients you wouldn’t believe the things I am hearing. One photographer just signed with a stock syndication who happens to be Danita Delimont who just received the ASPP Member of the Year Award 2009. Another just put out her first real job estimate (after focusing on photography fulltime only recently) another is making the news again with his insanely creative idea and yet another is simply booked until the end of the year.

What are they doing that works? Why is it that they listened to that same call the other photographer listened to, invested in the same system that is returned and yet they are on a roll?

You are about to find out for yourself. The holidays are about feel good stories and hope that it is possible. And I am proud to say it is and present my next call for December 15th: “Keep It Real, a call with photographers just like me.”

On the call are photography industry professionals just like you who will share what they did to jump start their businesses. They are real photographers with the same concerns, issues, obstacles. They all have one thing in common. They figured “IT” out and have begun to turn their photography careers around.

If you want to hear how that one idea can make the difference for you and what that one idea might be – please join us for a lively call. Sign up here.

For the record: Nobody gets paid, each of my guests has agreed to participate because they want to share with you that it is possible in times like this to turn your business around and put it on the right track.

What you will hear: There are no shortcuts, no miracles but a real proven path to move forward in business. And just what that path is will become clear during the call.

Hope you can make it.


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