Last time we talked about what to do when you meet someone at a business networking event.

This time we’ll talk about what an ideal networking partner relationship looks like in more detail.

What are we looking for in an ideal networking relationship?   First and foremost, we need to each be able to help the other build our business.  A one way relationship simply won’t work.  Second, you want to share a common ideal customer type.

The simplest example would be a team of a wedding photographer with other people who serve a couple getting married.  These would include a florist, event planner, caterer, videographer, real estate agent, travel agent, etc.  So how can these people help each other?  Well, first by getting to know one another well enough to be comfortable referring their own customers to each other.  That’s stage one, but beyond that, they can “co-market” each other.  They can create literature that markets all of their services together & then they truly are each marketing for the others.  This goes beyond referral marketing & that’s why I call it co-marketing.  One of the first benefits of this is to reduce marketing costs.  Let’s say you want to go to a trade show for brides.   You can share the cost & staffing of a booth.  You can know enough about each other’s business to help customers decide to use them.  You can warm up that referral by telling stories about your partners satisfied customers or how good you have found them to work with.

When you are out networking, then you don’t have to market yourself at all.  You can market your referral partners with the assurance that they will take care of marketing you.  Both become instantly more credible to the potential customer than self marketing.  Voila – The ideal business network!

In my own case, my networking partners are interior designers.  We can help each other in many ways.  One of the beauties of having them as my “tribe” is that they inherently “get” and appreciate what I do and vice versa.

Hope this help you. Let me know how these networking tips are helping you. Until next time.

David Coblitz –

“Showcasing the work of interior designers”

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