Blogging is a great way to establish a rapport with your potential customers as part of your overall business networking.  It also allows you to subtly establish a sense that you’re an expert at what you do, but also approachable.


There are many places you can blog & I’m not going to into that here, since that’s not my area of expertise, but what I will do here is help you understand the benefits of blogging and how to & how not to blog.

A blog is simply an ongoing way to send information to an audience.  If you use it to try to sell to them, you will quickly turn them off.  Rather, I suggest you use it to inform them.  By doing this, you’ll establish a level of expertise in their minds while at the same time becoming a real human being to them.  People buy from those they know, like, and trust (& who they think will do good work & perhaps who have a particular style they enjoy or relate to).

So what do you talk about in your blog?  Well, you’re a photographer, so make sure you include some awesome pictures.   I like the concept of relating success stories that tell what customer problem you solved & how you solved it.  Sharing your process accomplishes a lot of things.  One is to let people know that there is a lot more to taking great pictures than pointing your camera in the right place.  Each of you who blogs this way will contribute your part to the industry by helping dispel the notion that all a photographer does is what the customer sees him do.

One way I like to do this is to show a problem, the wrong solution, and a right solution (there can be more than one).   You can see some samples of what I mean here:

The idea is to pick a problem your customer had that others might also have, and show how you solved it and the final result.  If you blog this way, you will not only establish your credibility as an expert, but also tremendously help your search engine optimization.  Search engines love fresh content.    By the way, if you can drop a reference to your blog in other places (like I just did above) search engines will like you even more.  Not to mention that more people will see your blog.

Happy blogging,

David Coblitz – The St. Louis Artographer

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