Beginning at 9am on Friday February 4, 2011 on Toginet radio, (, veteran photographic presence Michael E. Stern launches his own radio show about photography. This Internet based show will feature interviews, tech talk tips, a product showcase and “five minute mailbag” where your questions are answered in real time.

Michael, a commercial photographer since 1979, has been teaching since 1987 and writing since 2003. He is a popular speaker at camera clubs, conventions and workshops in addition to creating his signature portrait work. His passion is providing thoughtful critique, photography tips and techniques, business information, blogging, and testing equipment he feels enhances his work and life.

The mission of the show is simple: To provide technical and aesthetic knowledge of photography for advanced amateurs, college students and early career professionals so they can “build better photographs, not just take pictures.”

Shows will begin with interviews of photographers of all types from those well known and established to those in early career, both professionals and serious amateurs.  Michael wants to provide a platform for as many as possible.

Listeners will be able to access photographs online as well as call in to ask their most important questions.

“Tech Talk Tips” will follow the interview-this is where Michael will discuss the merits of a particular tool of the trade. An online gallery will also be available during this portion of the show.

The product corner will be an occasional series where Michael will bring you news about a new product he feels warrants special attention.

Each show wraps up with the “five-minute mailbag” where Michael addresses listener questions live. This should be fun!

View his work online at:

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