Today I got an awesome email from longtime client and personal friend  beauty photographer Dorit Thies. The email said:


It makes me kind of proud that today I am  featured on the APA’s blog (American Photographic Artists) about my photography and my work and that  you have been a big part of my photographic journey.
Much Love,



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© Dorit Thies 2015 published in Aestus Magazine


Why you want to read the interview on the APA blog? Because just like so many of you Dorit is a beauty photographer based in Los Angeles who works in a specialty that many other photographers compete.

She has been working hard to differentiate herself from the crowd and tirelessly tweaked her unique sales proposition. Her work is strong, daring, and sexy. Her women empowered and bold.

Take a read how an immigrant from Germany who started as a Make-Up artist turned into a sought after beauty photographer.

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