There are a million ways to be successful – you only need to find one: yours.” ~ Beate Chelette

Everything that is important to you can and will coexist at the same time. Perfect, imperfect, it doesn’t matter. It’s the state of mind you achieve that becomes most important.

Ego-RHYTHM™ as a concept simply helps you to do what you already do, but to do it better. It gives you the tools and concepts to achieve your goals, and encourages you to acquire the skill sets that you need to get to those goals.

Remember the red dot on the map at the mall that says, “You are here?” Follow the ideas I have outlined for you in these blog postings and you’ll have a pretty good idea of where you are at any given moment. Knowing where you are is critical to devising a plan to getting where you want to be.

Ego-RHYTHMs™ are my way of helping you understand where you are in relation to where you want to be in life. Using the concepts I have taught you, you can check and make sure you are still on track and following the path that will lead you to where you want to be.

Having it all is the graduation ceremony of your life. Only if you know what it feels like to have failed a few tests, maybe take a class again, will you be able to enjoy your own graduation commencement into the life you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Endless hours of studying, learning, sitting through things that you may not be not interested in, and listening to others who may or may not have truly inspired you — without the graduation it all means nothing. Having it all is just like that: It’s the culmination of your hard work that brings you to the point of where you get to enjoy what you have done because you know how hard it was to fulfill all the requirements of your classes (rhythms).

Having it all it is a process, and it takes time. Admittedly, the most difficult years are the ones where you have small children, when you work on your career, and you strive to be in a fulfilling relationship. As you get practice in each of these categories, and you get better in each of these areas, they do get easier. I found my 30s to be my toughest years. Now that I’m in my 40s, things have calmed down. My life now seems to be a little bit more predictable, less stressful, and more well-rounded. Now, there’s more time for me.

It is time for me to thank you. I want to thank you so very much for the time you invested in reading and evaluating these blogs and my methods and concepts. I am proud and grateful that you’ve stuck with me, and I sincerely hope that you will implement what applies to your life and what makes sense to you.

If you still haven’t done any of the exercises I’ve outlined, you can go to my website, and download your free want-it-all list. Fill it out and post it somewhere where you’ll have no choice but to look at it. You owe yourself at least this much. Take the very first step. I want you to walk away from this experience with one tangible item in your hand that puts you, too, on the path of having it all.

Having it all is personal. I wish you good luck and the wisdom to find your way and the strength to stay the course.

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