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Announcing my next  Free Call.

For those who have been following the blog, I am facilitating a monthly FREE call that is open for anyone to join.

When: September 15, 2009 at 5PM PST and 8PM EST

As we are getting close to the end of the summer I thought we all could use a little dusting off. It’s back to business. So why not start with your favorite activity (just kidding) – which is cold calls, getting people on the phone, negotiating, schmoozing, asking for the job and much, much more.

Are you struggling and can’t quite motivate yourself to pick up that phone? Do you make the calls and do you set yourself a quota of daily or weekly cold calls to potential or follow up calls to existing clients? Do you feel awkward when you finally get someone on the phone and don’t quite know what to say? Do you think you sound like an alien and not as genuine as you really are? Is it challenging for you to negotiate and ask for the job (the close)?

Whom better can I find than Peter Adams to give us a lending hand with these challenges. He was one of my favorite sales people at Corbis and he has answers for all of the above. I’ve been fortunate enough and worked with Peter. He and I did a killer presentation over at his account Microsoft. When I saw the kind of relationship he had built with his clients and how much they trusted his judgment I realized just how good this man is at what he does. There is someone even I want to learn from.

Here’s some background on Peter:

Peter Adams was reigning top sales person at Corbis for 3 years in a row where he worked for nine years. Out of 21 worldwide offices and being located in Seattle that is a very respectable achievement. He was the exclusive sales liasion to the entire Microsoft account as per personal request of Bill Gates.

Today he is the sales director of Zooppa, which he’ll tell us a little bit about. Zooppa’s tagline is “Advertising gone Social.” Interesting trivia: The former Sr. VP of Sales from Corbis Wil Merritt is the CEO from Zooppa and Peter’s boss (again).

So please join us for the most fun sales training call that you probably will ever listen to. I will interview Peter for 30 minutes and afterward we open the call for your specific questions.

What is covered: Peter will reveal some of his secrets that make him so successful at sales. For the sales call chicken amongst you I am letting you in on one of my secrets. Sales is much easier than you think and you can acquire the skills it takes relatively easy. To be a good sales person you have to have a few attributes that we will be covering in the call.

So, dust yourself off, make a commitment to making those cold calls and start by signing up right here:

As a reminder: All calls are recorded and all registered participants will receive a link to the call the following day. That way our International subscribers can take advantage of this Free Call and you can listen to it over and over again until you will be a furious sales pro yourself.

Here’s the sign-up: Http://

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