Authenticy means that you are true to yourself
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Is one of the big keywords circulating everywhere. What’s that all about?

No matter where I go these days, from conferences to forums and blogs and in articles everywhere, I read and hear the word ‘authenticity.’ Let’s take a look at what that means and how this can help your business.

The world is changing. While that is hardly news for anyone, there is an element that we should take a closer look at. That is the topic of generational trends- beliefs and ideas that identify entire generations. For the Baby Boomers and most of Generation X, it has been about making it to the top. Much of our drive was about money and success. The media outlets and movies talked about how to get to the top fast, climb the ladder, get the corner office, drive big cars, buy even bigger houses, and most of all, it was about consumption. The more you had – the better. You may remember the iconic movie Wall Street featuring ruthless stock brokers and expensive interior decorators. There was no such thing as too much. You were only worth how much money you made and what you had been able to amass in terms of career status and $$$.

These ideas no longer drive most people. There has been a major shift changing the way we act, see the world, and do business with each other.  So let’s take a look at what that shift is and how that affects the way you need to communicate, work and portray to your clients who you are.

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