Best interview ever with Emmy winner Chris Do.

You will love this one, he’s a legend, you need to know who he is. Watch here

Recently, ASMP has reached out to us asking for our support in addressing Instagram’s Terms of Use. The ASMP has issued a 47-page report, “The Instagram Papers,” that explains the issues. Basically, ASMP is concerned about Instagram’s unreasonable terms, particularly the fact that, once you agree to them, you have no right to terminate the agreement. Even after you close your account, Instagram can continue to use your images and your name without restriction.

You can download the PDF from the ASMP website.

ASPP has two Instagram-related initiatives: Chapter event “InstaParty” meet-ups and the #asppmember hashtag for sharing Instagrams. However, in light of ASMP’s campaign, the ASPP National Board has voted to end these programs for the foreseeable future. We agree that if the conditions of using the Instgram tool grants the company extremely broad usage rights to sublicense uploaded photos and videos, we can’t sign on to that. We support the rights and protections of all picture professionals and general users and condone image rights infringement.


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