ASPP Membership Now Offering Press Release Submission to 4500 Image Buyers!

During the last ASPP event in Los Angeles at the Kopeikin Gallery (picture above) Executive Director Jain Lemos (picture below with me and Lorraine Triolo) filled me in on a great new benefit the ASPP offers to it’s members.

Along with many other benefits, ASPP membership gives you a great free press release service via our new eNews blog for only $125/year or $12/month. Your announcements are sent automatically to all of our social media outlets and to direct subscribers. All posts are then wrapped up once a month and emailed in a newsletter to our targeted list of more than 4,500 industry people. Send your press release to and if you include a photo it makes for a very nice post! News can be of practically any nature; a compelling project or idea you want to share, something amusing or just about anything to get your name out there! Join us today and improve your image with ASPP’s press release service.

Why do I like this? Because I know how difficult it can be to get good exposure for your photography services to actual buyers. The ASPP is the only organization that consists mainly out of image buyers. For a dirt cheap $125 a year you can get in front of 4500 potential clients? There is no other service out there that will make this happen for you.

In my not so humble opinion the ASPP is one of the best investments for a photo professional out there. Go where the buyers are people!!!

Picture right here is me and my mentor Jeff Burke with wife Lorraine Triolo. Jeff took me under his wing and gave me lots’ of great advice when I first opened my stock photography syndication. He sold his company first and predicted that I would be next. And I was.

Join the ASPP you never know who you are going to meet. It is a national organization with many local chapters. Tip: It can never hurt to mention the PhotoBizCoach when signing up.

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