Best interview ever with Emmy winner Chris Do.

You will love this one, he’s a legend, you need to know who he is. Watch here

Member Benefits Galore

This past weekend I got to do something I really enjoy. Which is to go to the Getty Museum. When the ASPP send their announcement that Program Director Sheridian Stancliff has scored a private tour for the members I was in.

Watch this short video on the Getty Museum. As you probably can imagine, copyright rules prohibited me from filming the exhibits.

Why am I even posting this? Because it’s a great networking event, my friends Jeff Burke, Lorraine Triolo, Dorit This, Ellen Herbert, Michael Masterson, Sheridan Stancliff, Edie Tobias, Chris DiNenna and another twenty members all came together. These type of events are relaxing and a great way to hang with your peeps outside the phone, email and BlackBerry madness.

Aside from that, being a part of a group is always a great idea because you are, well – not alone.

Till next time.

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