There are a lot of good news to be shared.

It’s been a great summer. On the right you see me with Presley, my nieces entertaining daughter playing at Dockweiler Beach in Los Angeles. This was a shoot with amazing photographer and coaching client Dorit Thies for the upcoming launch of Venusstock. What can be better then helping two clients while hanging out with my family?

Finally things are moving ahead again with The Women’s Code. For the last two months it’s been challenge after challenge. You may remember hearing me say that I am that person that you hear about that ‘it’ has happened to. It has occurred yet again.

We were facing massive delays as my website was under a malicious hacker attack for a consecutive two months! At one point one of the programmers who was working on the problem told me that we were attacked while he was watching. After many attempts to fix the issues we had no choice but to move to a different host. To this day it is unclear if we were personally targeted or if it was a robot that had attacked the host.

In addition to the fallout we had to find a new set of programmers and web designers. Finally the site is being worked on and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is smooth sailing from here on. Mercury is just getting out of retrograde for a little while longer so there may be a hiccup here and there but for the most part the worst seems behind us.

I do remember these moments very well. Before you get to be successful it is God or the Universe or the powers that there are (depending on what you believe in) that ask you one final time. “Do you want this?” And you say yes and the answer is “prove it.” Only for everything to fall apart, be thoroughly tested and often at a great financial expense.

Do you recall an instance like this in your own life? Do you recall how difficult it was and how exhilarated you were when you came out on the other side? What have you been facing that is finally coming into fruition? Doesn’t it feel great when you managed these obstacles successfully?

So what is the good news that I was referring to? Aside from being live again we are making significant changes on the website. First it is the usual stuff, video’s and new pages etc, but one of the changes will be my first major give-away. We decided that The Women’s Code is so important to all women (and men) around the globe that we will be offering an entire session about it for free! Yes, you heard that right.

We are building the site for the big giveaway right now and I will be making more details available soon.

You’ll be hearing from me soon again and please keep me abreast of what is going on in your lives.

Your coach,


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