The 2013 APA AWARDS Photo Competition is now accepting entries.
This is your chance to get your best photographs in front of the people that matter most to your career.  The 2013 APA Best of Show Winner will be the first to receive the coveted, engraved crystal APA AWARD, and each of the 31 Winners will receive an APA AWARD Winner banner for your marketing and website.

Over $130,000 in prizes will be awarded.  The Best of Show Winner will receive prizes totaling over $23,000 including the remarkable Canon Cinema EOS-1D C Camera.

Search your archives or shoot that amazing image you’ve been promising to create. Let the APA AWARDS help you turn your best images into an unparalleled marketing opportunity through international exposure and promotion.

This year we’ve assembled a remarkable panel of judges and they are waiting to see your work:
JUDGE                      TITLE                                          COMPANY
Quba Michalski       Creative Director                         Autofuss
Rebecca O’Neill      Senior Art Producer                     Crispin
Adrian DeLucca      Photo Editor                                 Barron’s
Sabrina Oliva          Art Buyer                                       Freelance
Bryan Yedinak        Co-Publisher, Gallery Dir.         Modernbook Gallery

Meghan DeBruler  Pearson   Senior Art Buyer         Ogilvy & Mather
Cara Nieto               Group Art Buyer                           Deutsch LA
Barbara Griffin       Sr. VP of Image Mangment        Turner Broadcasting
Sasha Carrillo         Creative Planner                           Davis Elen
Nili Zadok                Art Producer                                 180 LA

The Student First Place AWARD Winner will receive over $6600 in Prizes including a SONY Alpha NEX-6 Camera & 16-50mm Lens

AWARD Winners’ benefit: JUDGES’ REVIEWS
Out of the ten Judges, so far, the following six have enthusiastically agreed to personally provide each of their category’s three Winners with a written Review of your website. This is a unique opportunity to get valuable feedback on your entire site from the Judge responsible for your APA AWARD!

In addition to a wide range of career-boosting prizes, APA AWARDS Winners will enjoy a full year of aggressive promotion and international exposure, courtesy of American Photographic Artists.

The contest is open to all photographers; APA members save 50% on entry fees : just $20 / entry. Put this powerful marketing advantage to work for you – enter the 2013 APA AWARDS National Photo Competition today! Entries will be only be accepted until September 4th

Read the details and submit your best work today!

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