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Please read about a very cool new event that I am facilitating on

June 23, 2009 at 5PM (Pacific Time) / 8PM (Eastern Time) and again on

June 24, 2009 at 11AM (Pacific Time)/ 2PM (Eastern Time).

Please join me to my very first webinar with Rosh Sillars : “New Media Rules For Photographers.” Rosh is a known and established photographer who has become the go-to guru about New Media. Rosh Sillars new media market program for photographers is recommend by the American Sociey of Media photographers ASMP. He speaks about the topic at national events and teaches photographers about how to understand and utilize new media for their businesses.

I came to Rosh through Jack Hollingsworth whom I have been admiring as a colleague in stock photography for some time. After speaking with Rosh I quickly realized that his knowledge and courses offer a great benefit to photographers and we decided to facilitate a seminar on the web = webinar. If you want to learn more click here if you are ready to sign up, please click here:

In this introductory one hour intensive webinar about everything New Media you will learn:

The why. By now you understand how to set up a blog, Twitter and Facebook and you are on LinkedIn. But you are not getting clients that way. Why? First you need to know why it works then you can utilize these tools to your advantage.

What is your platform? You may have you heard the term platform before. Different people consume media differently, do you know where to start? How can you use new media with podcasts, blogs, social media effectively?  Social media is about building community, therefore it is imperative that you first understand the term “platform.” Hear from Rosh real examples on how you can make it work for your photography business.

– Before you can build a platform, you need to find your niche. This happens to be one of the most frequently asked questions I see in my coaching. This webinar will give you the tools to do that.

– Have you heard someone say “become the expert.” But what does that mean? You will find out the answer in this webinar.

– What do keywords like streamlining and collaboration really mean? Rosh says that “knowledge of social media and collaboration platforms will be mandatory in the future.” This webinar will tell you why you need to know about this and how to use it for your business’ benefit.

Who is this webinar right for and why should you choose to invest $57? If you are a member of ASPP, SAA, APA, ASMP or PACA its only $47. (If your photographer association is not listed, shoot me an email and I’ll add it. All professional photographer associations will receive the discount;

If you are a photographer who knows the basics but feel that you need to get a better understanding about social media networking and marketing –  you are at the right place. If you have a Twitter account, are on Facebook and LinkedIn but wonder what the benefit of social networking really is you will get a flood of ideas that you can implement for your photography business immediately. This webinar is facilitated by two photography specialists, Rosh Sillars and Beate Chelette. For us its all about giving you the facts of what is going on in the photography industry straight up and we will assist you in being even more successful.

Why is this not free? One of the most important things I teach to my photographer clients: you pick your charity and choose what you give away for free. I facilitate one free call per month, this is not one of them. You make money with your photography services, we make money with our knowledge about how a photography business works today. Of course you know how your business works. This webinar will give about indepth information about new media; highlight how the business has changed and how you can utilize these changes to your advantage TODAY.

Click here to sign up now:

The investment is set at a very low investment because this is the first one Rosh and I are doing. Those who are familiar with my work or have taken a course or coaching know that I don’t fuss around, I deliver what I promise. Here is what my clients say about my seminars;

Again thank you for a great seminar. I listened to it late last night and had a hard time falling asleep as it made my brain work.. Oistein from Norway (note: all subscribers receive a link to the recorded call so that International subscribers can participate. Questions are received in advance and asked and answered live)

Having heard your audio I said what would Beate say to this? This is something that is never discussed in books. I did what I thought you would advise. After hearing you yesterday say “Benefit You”. I turned it around.~Gail Fischer

I feel extremely fortunate to have found Beate Chelette and her teleseminar on ‘Photography Business Secrets’ at such a pivotal time in my life. The seminar provided a wealth of information that literally could have taken me years to acquire on my own. ~ Iris Bieri

I HIGHLY recommend that anyone who desires more in their photography business – whether as a photographer, rep, buyer, studio manager, etc. – take advantage of any educational tools you have to offer. ~ Marta Aldriedge

If you are ready, sign up, now.

Read about Rosh Sillars here. And click here to follow his blog.

Read about Beate Chelette here. Luckily you are already on my blog!

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