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Photosecrets Next Free Call Is On Search Engine Optimization

In my job I hear from photographers who are ready to take their business to the next level, and one of the first things I do is to visit their websites. I see a lot of them, and I’m always eager to check how high they rank in search engine results. It’s not unusual to have photographers that show up ranked in the 5 millionths, 7 millionths, or even 10 millionths. This amazes me and here is why.

Because those numbers mean: when a client who’s ready to buy goes looking for a photographer (which could be you), there are probably about 5-10 MILLION websites that show up before yours does.

To translate that for you even further:

  • If your website ranks in the millions—or even shows up on page 2 of a search—it’s basically invisible.
  • Potential clients can’t and won’t find you.
  • You might as well stop worrying about how good your website looks because nobody can find it anyway.

If you’re like most photographers I know, you already have a great-looking website. Your images look stunning. You’ve invested quite a bit of time and money to make everything look just right. You might even have a blog.There’s just one problem: nobody ever sees any of it!

Many of the photography professionals I work with understand the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in theory, but they don’t do anything about it for their own sites. They think that it’s:

* Just too confusing.

* Way too time consuming to learn and implement.

* Too expensive.

If you feel this way about SEO, or if you think that buying the Google Adword “photography” is pointless, you definitely won’t want to miss our next free call for industry professionals. I’ve found an amazing guest who will break this intimidating task down into steps so simple that you’ll wonder why you didn’t boost your business this way a long time ago.

Each month we cover a burning issue that professional photographers like you are talking about. On April 13, 2010, we’ll tackle Search Engine Optimization, one of the most powerful ways you can move your business forward. I’m very excited to introduce Daniel Tardent, owner and founder of the design studio Beautiful Artists Websites.

Based in Santa Monica, Beautiful Artists has designed many websites for creative professionals. But this amazing company doesn’t just build great-looking sites. They also know that showing up in the search engines is the first critical step for attracting new clients.

Working from the ground up, Daniel’s team has developed the only Search Engine Optimization strategy designed specifically for professional artists. During our free call, he’ll reveal:

* Simple steps for navigating the SEO jungle.

* The key SEO elements the will help you get found by prospects who are ready to buy.

* How to drive more traffic to your website by mastering basic SEO skills in just 21 days.

The Internet is the new Yellow Pages, and getting found there more often is one of the key strategies used by today’s most successful photographers. As an extra bonus to you and to make sure you get the maximum benefit out of this call you can send us your personal SEO question and submit it conveniently right on the sign-up page.

Click this link now and secure your spot for our next FREE teleseminar: “SEO For Artists.”

DATE  & TIME: Tuesday April 13, 2010 at

5PM – 6PM Pacific

6PM – 7PM Mountain

7PM – 8PM Central

8PM – 9PM Eastern

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Again, to secure your spot and submit your SEO question, please use this link.

The only thing you have to loose on this call is a bad ranking. Don’t hesitate and sign up now. You will be receiving reminders. I for myself can’t wait to learn from Daniel.

See you soon,


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