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Party over, read the recap here: http://photosecrets.wordpress.com/2009/06/26/party-people-on-the-rooftop/


Smashbox is hosting their monthly Smashbox Soiree, this time it is a Palihouse. But that’s not all, it’s someone’s birthday party, too. The Birthday Boy is Ettore Zuccarelli and rumor has it, he is turning 28 (again!). Not hard to believe when you look at his youthful appearance in the picture below.

Why would you want to come?

Let’s see, you need to network, connect with old friends and make new ones. See what the fancy people look like and have a cocktail or two. Beat the recession with the right attitude.

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When: June 25, 2009

Time: 7PM to 11PM

What you need to know: As this Soiree event is a popular place to be you must RSVP for this one, so get in touch with the VIP Concierge Kori Stanton to secure your spot VIP@Smashboxstudios.com

Find me and get your picture taken and be on the blog on Friday. So what are you waiting for, open Entourage and send that email.

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