How to Use New Media To Get Business and not just more fans, friends and followers

I know, I know…

I’ve been talking about the largest global stock conference CEPIC and me talking at CEPIC with Marco for quite a while. Last week was the big event in Dublin. Marco and I  spent some time to finetune our presentation because we wanted the audience to enjoy a well prepped session and deliver value and lots of content.  Judging by the feedback, we did our job. But don’t take our word for it you can check it out for yourself. The session was taped and we proudly present it to you.

Disclosure: The video is 70 minutes long and there were some edits due to size.

Please note that this video will only be available for a few weeks and then I’ll take it down again. The reason I am doing this is because people paid to attend the conference and it just wouldn’t be fair to give away for free what over 250 people invested time and money in. But, because I value you,  your opinion and your following my blog I think a bonus for you is definitely in order.

Enjoy and here is the  link to the video:


And because I teach this stuff and always run around with a video camera I was able to capture some of our audience member reactions to our session:

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