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THIS IS JUST IN and Requires YOUR Immediate Attention if you shoot in New York

It appears that still photographers have been thrown in the same dumpster as big, fat and well funded film companies. The Mayor wants to bleed our community dry. Please do what you can and protest this thoughtless idea with as much vehemence as possible (but please stay a professional as you vent about the stupidity of this idea). What’s the matter? New York wants to increase permit fees to $300 each! Permits should be between $45 and – $100 max. How in the world is anyone on still budgets going to afford this? This email just arrived today from the ASMP:

“Dear members of ASMP and the Photographic Community,

The Mayor’s Office of Film Theatre and Broadcasting has proposed an amendment to the rules of the City of New York governing the issuance of permits for shooting, television, film and still photography on the streets of New York City. The amendment includes a $300 application fee for such permits and does not distinguish between small photography shoots and immense film productions. ASMP-New York opposes the amendment and encourages everyone in the industry to attend the open hearing on June 3rd at 125 Worth Street, 2nd Floor at 2:00 PM.

There is a procedure for applying for a waiver of the fee if you can show hardship, but the burden of proof is on the applicant. The process also seems tedious and unreliable. We believe Mayor’s Office should distinguish between large scale productions where entire movie sets are built on the city streets with truckloads of grip equipment and those of us shooting with one or two assistants and a handful of lights.

ASMP, along with APA, EP and NPPA, has prepared a statement that will be read at the hearing, but the presence of the photographic community is essential. So please take a few hours to come and support your community. Bring your assistants, photo directors and everyone who cares. If you cannot make the hearing, you can write comments and send them to the Mayor’s Office:

The Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting
1697 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

Comments must be sent by June 1st (This Tuesday).

We hope to see many of you there.

Frank Rocco
ASMP-NY Chapter President”

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