100% of the shots you don’t take don’t go in.” ~ Wayne Gretzky

In a previous exercise, you took notes of all the negative statements and beliefs that you use regularly. Here, I’ve got an exercise to help you replace those statements with positive ones.

Make a conscious effort to use your new power statements immediately. Ask yourself what you can do to continue to stay positive. If one thing did not work out, firmly believe that something better is heading your way.

Enlist the help of your friends who can lovingly support you by helping you “reword” when you slip into a negative expression. Be sure to eliminate “why” statements, such as “why do I always pick the wrong partner?” and “why am I stuck with having to work on weekends?” and “why can’t I remember?” and “why do I have to take care of a sick parent?” Instead, think: “how can I learn from this” and “who can help me to master this task.” Create a new pattern, and be more successful. Ask future-oriented questions, and leave the victim mentality behind.

How to do this exercise:

Take your list of negative statements from the previous exercise. Add more as you catch yourself making new negative statements. Now, cross out each negative statement and replace it with a positive one. Just as psychotherapist Nancy Irving suggests, cross out those negative “I” statements such as “I HAVE TO pick up my daughter from ballet class,” and replace them with “I GET TO pick up my daughter from ballet class.”

The more often you use negative statements, the more you manifest them as your reality. Let’s change that! Take a look at each of these statements. Cross out all the words that make you powerless, such as have to, should, need to and replace them with positive words: I prefer, I can, I get to, I choose, I could, I will.


1. I have to stop smoking —I choose to become a non-smoker.

2. I have to quit drinking —I choose to curb my drinking.

3. I always pick the wrong guy — I choose to get a more appropriate partner.

4. I have to go to work — I get to go to work.

5. I have to pick up my children — I get to take care of my children.

6. I can’t ever go out when I want to — I choose to be a mother.

See the difference? Tell me, as you’ve made a list of such statements, which one is at the top? Which statement of negative thinking rose to the front of your mind – and how have you reworded it? I’d love to hear how you’re progressing – this helps us all. Thanks so much for sharing.


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