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Here’s Your Run Down On Photosecrets

It’s been fabulous and it is picking up speed. ‘It’ being my almost one year old business.

From the day I decided to do Photosecrets to the day I made my first dollar it took 21 days. That is how I knew that there was a market for photography business coaching. Lately I have gotten an increasing number of inquiries through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter about what I do and how that can help you. I know it’s tough out there and the pain level is increasing yet the business seems to be picking up. More and more photographers want to do something about that and get ready for the rebound. Let me give you a run down of what type of products and services are available for you.

About: Photography Business Secrets is founded by me, Beate Chelette and I am the Photography Business Success Coach. With 29 years experience in this industry and having been on every side of it, I know what it takes to make it. What I know is packaged in various products and services that you can participate in, subscribe to, invest in and study at home at your own pace. My programs are only for those of you who are serious about this business and want to make money. I don’t talk much about the art of photography as there are many who already do. I focus on the business. What I do  works for people that are willing to do something different. This is not for people who just want to ‘try something’ and guaranteed the wrong thing for complainers. This is not an Internet scam and I have a pretty serious guarantee on my systems. If you invest your hard earned money into my systems and you can’t find one idea over the course of one year that at least gets you your investment back – you get your money back + $100. I am European American and my system works no matter where you are in the world. One more thing.. I am not cheap and I don’t want you to be cheap either. I am only interested in clients that are serious. Unless you want to make money, this is not for you.

Here is the link to my online store

Free Call

Every month I facilitate a Free Call with someone who offers something that is needed to run a business successfully. We’ve done Stock, Networking, Mindset and we heard from someone like Jeff Burke who sold his business for $70 million about his secrets to success. The sign-up for the call is always here If you have signed up before you will automatically get an invitation for the next one. These calls are becoming quite popular and we are growing our audience in leaps and bounds. The calls are recorded and so that everyone can listen to it.The next one is on marketing. The Free Call includes a pitch. A special offer only available for my audience usually with a great bonus.

Silver Membership

The Silver Membership is a monthly subscription program. It is the least expensive of my programs and includes a Tip Sheet packed with valuable insider information (who reads a newsletter anymore…) and an audio CD. How is that different from my monthly Free Call? In the Silver Membership there is no pitch, it’s an interview with an expert pretty high up that ladder. I know business owners, Creative Directors and many top dogs and I can get them on the phone. We talk about the business side of their angle of photography and the call ends with a special offer to the subscriber. Usually a way to contact that person. This months call is with Livio Gerber from Zapaimages who shed’s some light on an often overlooked revenue stream – Feature Stories. You can try it for one month for almost free.

From Flash to Cash System

A home study guide designed to teach you the basics. It comes with the official Photo Team Series Audio (4 CD’s) and three bonuses. The Photo Team Series discussed how to set up your business, what you need to know and gives you honest insider tricks from world renowned photographer Andrew Eccles, Photo Art Director Leah Shoval from Ogilvy and Photography Director Chris Bain from Barnes and Noble. Also included an intensive business session about – you guessed it, the business. The bonuses are about how to set up and use Social Media properly and how to work with models. There is one additional secret bonus. There are still a handful of heavily discounted systems available (I had to rename it.)


How to Make Money In Stock

This course is going to be killer. I was lucky enough to team up with one of the top ten stock shooters in the world, Jack Hollingsworth and together we designed this course. Very shortly we will be launching our pre-sale event. I won’t give much away but we have in this system the world’s number one Micro Stock shooter Yuri Arcus, stock legend Tom Grill, industry icon and book author Ellen Boughn, Creative Director and co-owner of Blend Sarah Fix. If you want to make money with stock, that’s the course to get. If you want to know about this, sign-up for the free call and you’ll automatically will be notified.

Coaching and Consulting

Consulting is offered for corporate clients. I am also an expert witness as it pertains to the photography business.

Coaching for individual photographers and photography industry professionals. Currently I work with a number of photographers and representatives. You can get a QuickFix session which is a half hour session or if you are really serious subscribe to a yearly program. Some just want to talk to me directly and I am known to make connections where I see fit. You have to interview with me to qualify to be accepted as a coaching client.


I am a professional speaker. The next two events are a ASPP Workshop on March 13th and I will be a speaker at the largest International stock photography conference in June in Dublin. For inquiries please go here:

Blackstar Rising

There is a video column I have on Blackstar Rising where I answer questions to the Business Coach.

You Tube Channel

You can view many of my videos on YouTube, look for the Livesome channel. There are my business video’s as well as some of my personal stuff. Due to me using a video blast service some of the video’s are posted multiple times, but I am sure you can manage.


My Twitter name is @egorhythm


My LinkedIn profile is here If you want to connect please don’t use the generic version, at least drop me a one line personal note, I’d appreciate that.


My Facebook Photography Business Secrets Group is here.

What else?

I am like you, I need help, too. So if you have comments or feel that there is a product, course or service that I should offer that I am not, please let me know. I love to hear from you. You can email me at

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