There is one thing I keep coming across in the photography world. You want access to good information. Sometimes it’s about what is going on in the industry, trends and economics and sometimes all you need is an inspirational story or a good pep talk to get back to your camera more motivated.

For those of you who have taken a seminar or participated in a call – you know that my events are about getting you motivated, inspired and most of all to give you information that you can use right away. While I’ll be the first one to admit sometimes when I write information marketing talk (and use words like secrets, success, free) even I roll my eyes and think where the subtle ways have gone! Learning how this works was not easy and I had many moments of doubting the effectiveness of the new rules of marketing.

The truth of the matter is it works and it is incredible effective. If we have a choice between only pretty and not-so-pretty but works, I will pick the working method. After all I am a business woman. One of the reasons I have to be a little in your face is that I need to get your attention. There is so much out there, I need to get you to stop for a second and read this. Unless I tell you what I have and why it’s a good thing I can’t survive and you still may go, ah geez, what is she selling NOW?

First tip, never say selling and but use of the term ‘invest’ instead. Which in essence is true statement. I like to look at things from a positive perspective and when I pull out my credit card I always make a conscious point to remind myself that the information I will get will help me to get to my goal faster. Energetically this invites a much better outcome. I know I will be saving time. Hence my investment helps me to save money.

Getting back to my upcoming webinar with Rosh Sillars.

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The point is that you need to know this stuff for your business. As I said, new media works and you need to know a.) why it does and b.) why that is of relevance for you and c.) how you can profit from it in your existing business.

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The number one complaint I hear and see posted in LinkedIn and on many forums is that photographers do not know how to utilize their blog, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter and LinkedIn to attract clients. Rosh is the specialist in this topic which is why I had to jump through hoops to get him to join me to give this webinar. He is a very busy guy teaching photographers all over the nation all the intricate details of why you need it and then how to make it work. He knows you know how to set up a Twitter account and that you figured out what a #hashtag is. But Rosh says that unless you understand the dynamics of the new media and how it really works you can’t make it work for you. This intensive webinar is wort $197 + applicable travel fees but I want you to have the tools you need to be successful and we’ll give it away for $57. If you belong to an industry association you get in for $47. Click here to join us and click here to read the whole shabang one more time. Are you ready to make this investment now to get the truth on how this works once and for all?

And here is one of my favorite things to do: getting someone on a call who I admire, someone who has mentored me and someone who is an absolute genius in everything he touches. When I first met him I had my first job as an artist rep with a small agency for hair, make-up and styling artists. I opened the photographer division and for a blink I repped him. Not very successfully I admit, I was a little green in those days, but that is how long I now Jeff Burke. When I first set up my stock photography syndication Beateworks it was Jeff who was my first call. He took me under his wing and told me, much like I am telling you with my seminars, what I need to do first and second and third. And… I listened and followed his advice.

Jeffrey Burke is an accomplished photographer, stock photo agent and business leader. Beginning in 1984, Jeff and his wife and business partner, Lorraine Triolo, operated BurkeTriolo Studio producing food and beverage images and live action footage for advertising and editorial clients. In 1994 they created  FoodPix, the first all-food stock photo agency in North America. That business grew quickly and eventually became PictureArts, a stock photo agency with four distinct stock image collections.
In 2005 PictureArts, then the fifth largest stock agency in the world by revenue, was sold to Jupiterimages Corporation. Jeff stayed with Jupiter for about a year as a senior vice president, reorganizing Jupiter’s worldwide creative team. He also served as president of PACA, the trade organization for stock picture archives in North America. In 2006 he and Lorraine left the company to pursue other business and art interests. Jeff remains involved with the photo industry as co-founder and chair of the PLUS Coalition, a worldwide initiative to facilitate image licensing through the use standardized metadata. He also serves as the chair of the board of governors of Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara.
Jeff received a BA in Design from UCLA, an Executive Certificate from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, and an Hon. MS from Brooks Institute. He is currently producing original fine art in his studio in South Pasadena, CA.

Join us on June 30th, 2009 at 5.00PM Pacific/8PM Eastern time for a free call. Jeff will tell his amazing story, talk about why photographers need to constantly re-evaluate, how to create opportunity and make money. He’ll speak about why you need to be part of an industry organization and will share his latest ventures with us. Click here to sign up now.

As a note to the many photographers who have signed up recently from all over the world – including one from Nigeria, all my calls are recorded and the link is made available the following day. So no matter where you are you can sign-up, submit your questions ahead of time (I’ll ask them for you) and you’ll can download the call to your MP3 or listen on it via the webcast replay on your computer.

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