My next Next Free Call With Michael Stern

Michael Stern is a photographer that is a 100% “outside the box” thinker. He approaches every shoot in a way that is different from any other photographer. This approach has won him clients such as Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers and Universal Studios. His unique approach to photography is captured in his book “Build a Better Photograph: A Disciplined Approach to Creativity” which was published Nov 2009.

Our last few calls have been very specific and we focused on a specific attribute or technique. This call with Michael is more relaxed. He and I discuss what attributes his students need to have and how some will make it and others may not. Additionally we will talk about how to set up a diversified photography business with various income streams.

This man not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk as well and it shows throughout his 30 year career.  How else could he earn the name “Mr. Pixel”? Through his ability to conceptualize and execute complex environmental portraits he has made a solid career in both photography and the ability to educate photographers at prestigious photography institutions and through lectures.

Michael will tell our audience what the steps are to create a winning concept and how to combines artistic abilities with business sense. After all, photographers are all creatives first but do need to learn what our industries winning business concepts are.

Michael says that it is possible through discipline. Through discipline you can be creative and you don’t have to be a starving artist. In fact, he states that by applying both creativity and discipline together he has managed to fill his bank account!

Sign up for the call and hear how you can be and successful artist and successful business person at the same time.  The call is on June 15, at 5PM Pacific Time. to sign up and get more information please click here

This is your chance to not only learn how to put it all together but to listen to someone that has succeeded himself and continues to do so every day.  I expect this call to fill up soon so be one of the first and don’t miss your chance to hear Michael Stern Free!

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