Three photography, creative arts and business professionals founded Visualist Publishing, LLC, an eBook company specialized in creating, curating and distributing visually alluring eBooks worldwide. Their first score?  Publishing the award winning annuals: American Photography and American Illustration.

Today I am pretty excited to let you in on another one of my projects that just launched.

Michael Grecco, Joseph Gilbert and Beate Chelette (yes, I am a partner) asked themselves what to do when our visual industry suffers from a lack of publishing outlets? The answer was simple. Start your own eBook publishing company. (Why not, right?)

Michael Grecco, CEO of Visualist, internationally recognized photographer, bestselling book author (Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait) was convinced that changing publishing markets would create a huge opportunity for smaller, more flexible eBook publishers. He secured a distribution agreement with Perseus, one of the world’s largest eBook distributors. Allowing Visualist Publishing to distribute their eBooks in over 80 outlets worldwide.

Joseph Gilbert, an award winning Creative Director and Chief Creative Officer of Visualist, oversees all eBook curation, design and production. His vision of enhanced eBooks incorporate cutting edge technology. CCO Gilbert states: “We want our audience to experience a deeper interaction and engagement with the featured artists and their work.”

Artist statements are available as audio clips, and direct links to the artist’s website and a creative index for each image is included for further discovery. A video of a live panel discussion of members of the contest jury gives a behind the scenes glimpse into what stands out in a successful image. Continuing in the tradition of celebrated and beautifully produced American Illustration 32 and American Photography 29 print books; the eBooks extend the integrity, value and high-end execution of the books while adding precision interactivity and engagement opportunities.

The winning works range from sensitive subjects like gun control, to haunting environmental and sociological issues, to conceptual images of everyday objects, often with a humorous and always with a thought provoking approach.

Beate Chelette, a self-made multi-millionaire, and Chief Marketing Officer of Visualist Publishing, is a marketing, branding, and business building expert who oversees eBook launches and how they are being brought to market. Chelette says: “ Numbers show that audiences continue to move to mobile devices for digital content consumption and look for a deeper interaction. I expect Visualist Publishing to become the name at the forefront of a new eBook movement.”

Visualist Publishing announces its launch with the eBook publication and distribution of two celebrated annuals that are now available for the first time to the interactive user: award winning American Photography and American Illustration.

Click here to get American Photography 29 enhanced eBook

And just in case, if you like illustration I am including this link for you.

Click here to get American Illustration 32 enhanced eBook

Go download yours now, and enjoy the book(s), they are really amazing. I love the interaction.


About Visualist Publishing:

Visualist Publishing is a creative collaboration between three partners who have a long-standing history and professional careers in fine art, photography, illustration and design, visual arts industries and business. Collectively, they have helped build and shaped communities of creative and talented individuals, as well as build businesses generating significant revenue for their clients. Visualist Publishing offers eBooks in fine art, photography, illustration and design, for the visual arts industries and businesses.


Visualist Publishing is right for all creative individuals, disciplines and visual genres. If you want to find out if your Art, Photography, Illustration, Architecture, Design, Typography, Graphic Novels, Zine, Travel, Food/Cookbooks, Children’s illustrated, Performance arts, Fashion, Comic, Visual reference books, Industry Association, and Source Books is a good fit for an interactive enhanced eBook, please contact or just hit reply and send me a note.



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