It’s the dreaded tax month of April. As a token of my appreciation to our community I am offering free 15 minute business consultations. If your business could use an impartial look please contact and schedule your time. I am starting to schedule after April 12th.

In the meantime here are 5 easy strategies to stay focused on your business. I want you to keep focus and eliminate distraction.

1.) There is a time to plan and a time to execute. If you follow this blog you did your planning already. April tends to slow down for many just because it is tax season. Avoid the temptation to change your strategy during your first challenge. Put your head down, don’t think and keep executing.

2.) When self doubt sets in or you are completely overwhelmed enlist support. Find a colleague, partner or associate and do weeklynor if you need daily check-up calls. They should last no longer than 5 minutes. Keep it to the basics. Ask: Are you on task today? Make a few support statements like, you can do it, excellent job, sounds great to me and go back to your task.

3.) Orient yourself upward. If even one competitor works more than you do it’s time to double your efforts. What does he or she do that you are not?

4.) Enlist help if you are lacking a skill set unless you have the time to figure it out yourself. I remember a photographer who wasn’t working 2 years ago. He did not want to invest in a business coach. He is still not working. That decision cost him and his wife some $60,000 minimum. Can you afford to wait? Do what it takes and committ at 100%. unless the investment hurts it won’t mean anything to you.

5.) Stay inspired. Only if you are excited about something you give off the type of energy that clients want to see. In order to be contagiously possitive you need to find something that gets your juices flowing.

Please share anynother tips you may have or links to ideas that keep you focused.

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