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How a Photographer Should Plan Ahead for Retirement
Just last weekend I went to a two day Mastermind meeting with my coach James Malinchak.

My Mastermind consists out of a group of 30 Entrepreneurs who come from all different types of industries from all over the country. One might wonder why I am around people that are not in my industry but I am telling you that this is one of the most beneficial things I do. Learn from business owners that are not in my field. Why? Let’s backtrack first. In this group everyone has one thing in common. Each and everyone of them runs a business and everyone is an expert in their respective field. That in return gives me insight into how others just like you and me handle some of the very same issues pertaining to business. What if they have a solution that I haven’t thought about? What if I can look at their business from a different perspective and give them a different kind of feedback?

Business is business and the issues are really not that different. Over the last year I have come to realize that the Mastermind meetings that I attend twice a year are some of my very favorite things to do.

In the video below I grabbed Bill Losey, who is a retirement specialist and has been on just about any TV show you can imagine about that very topic. He is also the author of “Retire in a Weekend.” This is someone you can’t get normally access to but he is my Mastermind buddy and was open to allowing me to pick his brain for a quick two minute video on retirement.


And here is your clip:

How Photographers Should Prepare For Their Retirement

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