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The Women’s Code Online Course $497

  • Including 7 Video Sessions with 2 to 5 modules each.
  • Video introductions. and Support Video’s with each session
  • Modules are appoximately 20 minutes each
  • Action Guide Packed with exercises, session support materials and many tools
  • Career Blueprint
  • Life Blueprint
  • (Life) Balance Plan
  • Ambassadar Certification


~Mary, Los Angeles

The Women’s Code course is life affirming in so many ways. The ideas and tools Beate presents make complete sense and they provided me with the reassurance, support and motivation I had been seeking. Thank you, Beate!

~Christine B., Liechtenstein

So happy to have met a like minded person overseas, that keeps me going in the dirction I chose without the guilt and judgmental attitude that is the result of our judeo-christian education and values. Thank you for this liberation, Beate!

~Bridget, Pasadena, Ca

Thank you, THANK YOU for the unique concept and for the strength and intelligence you share…… you are making a difference.

~Samantha, MI

My big AHA monents was when I was realizing that I need help, and can’t figure this out on my own! Thank you so much for including me. You were generous as always with yourself and your amazing knowledge.

~Rebecca R., CA

I absolutely love what I’m doing, as I flow from one ego-RHYTHM to the next!

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