What Women Say

Overworked, overachieving and worn out, I was looking for balance and found it through The Women’s Code. The ideas of cooperating with other women and creating a sisterhood of support have taught me how to ask for help so I can pace my business growth. ~Andrea Reindl Co-Founder of Smarter Voice

The Women’s Code proved to be a lifeline as I was able to pull out of a negative spiral and re-establish myself as the positive, kind, person I had been. Beate listened to me and I found my voice again. ~Christine Bory, CEO of Artis Formae Creative Studio

With respect, care and gentle nudges, The Women’s Code program put me on the path to unabashed self-nurturing. The beauty of the code is that it showed me how to increase my professional success without sacrificing my most important goals: self-care and time with my son. ~Karen D., Site Manager and Writer

I went to The Women’s Code conference thinking I knew it all and left with hope and reassurance that maybe I didn’t always have to paddle alone. Pretty huge when you think about it. ~Mary Fischer, Writer and Editor