How To Handle Workplace Negativity ….when Critical Kathy gets to you


What is the right response when we find ourselves listening to “Critical Kathy” vent about all the things she didn’t like about what we did, and what was wrong with a job, event or program that we were involved with? I am on the advisory board of a women’s organization. The advisory board consists of [...] The post How To Handle Workplace Negativity ….when Critical Kathy gets to you appeared first on The Women's Code. … [Read more...]

I Have It Harder Than You Do


A recent announcement about motherhood from Gwyneth Paltrow set off a media frenzy. She made a comment that a working actress has it harder than a 9-5 mom. Needless to say that the 9-5 moms didn’t want to hear anything about how difficult someone could have it who can afford nannies, private planes, and all [...] The post I Have It Harder Than You Do appeared first on The Women's Code. … [Read more...]

Single Parent Survival


We’ve all heard the divorce rate in the US hovers around 50%, but did you know the number of single parent households has tripled since 1960? Statistics show that 25% of households in the US are spearheaded by single moms, and that number has been steadily increasing. The Atlantic refers to this as the mysterious [...] The post Single Parent Survival appeared first on The Women's Code. … [Read more...]

The New Alpha Female


Her true power comes from unexpected places. By Beate Chelette What would you guess women said they wanted most in 2013? A recent survey suggests we’re seeing the rise of the alpha woman who chooses to be independent and aggressive when it comes to seeking out and getting what she wants. Such good news and among the findings: nearly half the women surveyed said they would prefer to be single and more than 40 percent have no hesitation asking for a raise. The GIY (get it yourself) mentality is gaining momentum, the study found, and more moms are choosing to tackle full-time jobs … [Read more...]

Whatever Happened To Sisterhood?


How to make women your allies, not enemies By Beate Chelette It used to be called sisterhood, the feeling of kinship with other women that fosters support and community. Perhaps you’re fortunate to have a support group of wonderful women, but many women don’t. Frankly, I don’t see much sisterhood around today, except maybe in the HBO hit series Girls, where the spirit of sisterhood is in and on the air. In business, I’ve seen how badly women treat each other. Gossip, back-biting and sabotage are rationalized as justifiable means to achieve the end—career … [Read more...]