New Years Resolutions


If you are like most people you set goals for this coming year. Your goals could be personal like losing 10 pounds, working out more regularly, or business related like creating a business plan, or promoting your work more regularly – or a combination of both. New Years Resolutions - no matter how much we [...]The post New Years Resolutions appeared first on The Women's Code. … [Read more...]

Can Women Have a Balanced Life?


Just a short while ago I was hanging out with Christine Bronstein founder and CEO of ABOW (A Band of Women) and the fierce Leila Radan in San Francisco. We recorded this video about "Can Women Have a Balanced Life?" Both, Leila and Chris have read Happy Woman Happy World and have generously and passionately [...]The post Can Women Have a Balanced Life? appeared first on The Women's Code. … [Read more...]

Creating A Bitch Free Office


If you had enough of toxic offices and hurtful gossip you should watch this video explaining the very first step in creating a better team. Create a Bitch Free Office and get your team on the same page and here is how: [youtube][/youtube]   Let me know if this helps you to get everyone on the same page. Your Coach Beate   … [Read more...]

A Special Message To Women


I am grateful. I am angry. I am excited. Gratitude, I know, it's one of those self-help guru keywords. To me gratitude isn't so much an exercise in becoming artificially modest even thought it is attribute that I do not posses. Gratitude to me is about being aware of what you have in your life versus running after stuff we don't have. Sure I would like the business to move faster, get bigger, have The Women's Code become the movement I envision it as and train offices like crazy. But during the quiet time of the season and especially on a day like today it is important for us to reflect. … [Read more...]

Schedule Meetings With Yourself


Today's contribution is about the importance to schedule meetings with yourself and how to boost your productivity and well-being. by guest blogger Chris Sequeira The modern workday is a busy and highly social workday. We find our calendars packed with group meetings, sometimes from the moment we show up at work until the moment we leave. Sometimes, those meetings exist on our calendars because we scheduled them with other people. Group meetings serve many purposes, of course. Even though today's working professionals have a wide range of electronic communication tools at their … [Read more...]

How To Find Balance In My Busy Life

How To Find Balance In My Busy Life

How To Find Balance In My Busy Life On my last business trip I learned an important lesson on how to find a better balance in my busy life even if I am on the road. I'd like to share with you what I learned. Find out how being more aware of your choices can help you on a day to day basis to balance your busy life. Often, it is not about big things like going on a vacation that gets us center again but more the little things we do daily. What are your tricks and tips that you have found that work for you to keep a good balanced? Watch the video here or click on the image below: How … [Read more...]

The Women’s Code Goes on the Road


By Beate Chelette I'll be taking my code to Texas. Although many women joined me for the very first Women's Code Conference in California last March, and many others are continuing to discover online about our work on behalf of helping women find balance in their lives, I've got a great opportunity for anyone who's going to be in or around Austin, Texas, in early January. I'm speaking at the fabulous Wizard Academy, that teaching institution for all things wonderful and insightful and counterintuitive that Roy H. Williams founded. Roy himself teaches enlightening courses on … [Read more...]

Support Is All Around


I Am Pondering About... Even though there are things I know we have no control over, I still get angry at our helplessness. Just as a quick recap for you, dear reader, a few weeks ago as I was sailing with good friends in the Caribbean, disconnected from the world, I finally decided to log on when we were near a wifi hotspot. The Facebook app on my iPad had a message that said, "Call me when you can." The message came from Melissa, the young woman I've written about over the last year. And it was the message that I had feared getting while I was vacationing. Before responding to … [Read more...]

Of Friends Passing and Lasting Friendship


By Beate Chelette Today is the day to face up to responsibilities. Like any other day. Still, this one is different. I am sitting here in my living room waiting until it’s time to go to Louella’s service. I was on vacation in the British Virgin Islands when I received a note from Melissa that said, “Call me when you get this.” I knew immediately what had happened, and before calling Melissa, I checked her mother's — my friend's — Facebook page. She had passed away peacefully. She died peacefully, but she is no longer here. And she leaves behind a daughter whom, as many of you know, I've … [Read more...]

Making Better Choices


As I am writing this I can’t help but I am shaking my head. Just today I found out from Melissa during lunch that her father had cancer after they separated and her mom let him live in her house and helped him through. Not quite what is happening the other way around at this moment. I spent a delightful lunch hour with Melissa and I proudly report that she is starting to turn the corner. For the very first time I heard her tell me that someone offered her drugs and instead of being upset of not being able to say no this time it was different. Melissa had gone on a YMCA trip for 10 days and … [Read more...]